We manufacture the highest quality and most efficient Tobacco Processing Equipment and Agricultural Bulk Handling & Spreading Equipment in the world. we have a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with computer numerical controlled equipment which can produce precision parts for all applications.


 •30+ years of experience in stemmery equipment
• One of the largest suppliers in the world
• State-of-the-art shop with Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery
• Plasma and Laser programmable cutting
• Specialized welding of all metals
• CAD Pro-Engineer and Inventor design with CNC feed
• Innovative design with attention to detail
• Powder coating of all exterior surfaces
• The ONLY supplier of the Multi separator & EMS Separator
• Exclusive In feed Air Impeller System for all Classifiers
• Convenient modular tooth bar design for thresher rotor
• High efficiency closed impeller fans with direct drive
• Low maintenance SEW Euro drive Torque Lock shaft mounted drives
• Turnkey project capability
• Complete Line of equipment for GLT Processing
• Shipping & Installation experience worldwide
• Full engineering support